It’s hard. Yes. But others chose a life to work in foreign countries to make the lives of their families more sustainable, particularly in financial aspects.

Moving to a new place and not knowing anyone could be as scary as hell. Other OFW’s are even more than petrified with this especially when leaving all the comforts of this country and be actually detached from family and friends. Sometimes being an OFW gets a lonely life. Wishing you could give it all up or not having to decide to leave and just be present for the family.

For the situation of Glenn, an OFW who has been in Dubai for three years and working as a nurse; he chose to have done this in order for him to sustain the life of his children who are left here in the Philippines. He hasn’t been home until just recently.

Life for them wasn’t all butterflies and rainbow skies. They have been through so much in life.

Glenn’s daughters are Breanna and Chayyen; who are very strong and resilient as they have been survivors from the most recent Bohol earthquake. They were sent to Marawi to their aunt after the quake, Juv P. Montaner, and their mother had to stay and finish her doctorate in Bohol.

Just recently, they moved again to Iligan because of the recent Marawi war under the roof of their Aunt.

Last November 20, 2017, it was Breanna’s 8th birthday and her wish was to spend quality time with their parents and have them back home on her birthday or at least during Christmas this year.

“Mommy juv, I will pray million times because Daddy told me he might come home” -Breanna said to her aunt.

The longing came true as Glenn contacted their aunt and asked her if she could help him arrange a surprise for his daughters.

Thankfully, Jollibee in Iligan City allowed Glenn to wear the crew uniform so that he can disguise himself and surprise his daughters.

At first, the girls did not identify Glenn as he was serving their food. Suddenly, Breanna noticed the bracelet that Glenn was wearing. The bracelet was made by the girls and sent one for him to Dubai.

After realizing that, they embraced each other and tears came pouring down as the moment was purely magical because of genuine love.

Watch the video below:

Video credits to Juv P. Montańer


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