As the world panics because of the fast-rising COVID-19 pandemic, people tend to believe everything social media tells them to do in order to stay safe.

Recently, there are a lot of home remedies being suggested on different social media platforms. However, not all of them are truly effective. That is why people need to be more vigilant and careful.

One Facebook post with video claims that using a hairdryer can help people stay coronavirus free.

If you have a hairdryer with hot air application, you can easily overcome the COVID-19. Watch the video.” the caption says.

The video, which lasts for six minutes, claims that the presentation is from a certain Dr. Dan Lee Dimke.

According to him, for the technique to work, you can use hot air application with a hairdryer on your face. The process will heat the nostrils and sinus up. Doing so will kill the novel coronavirus.

The video has been forwarded to some WhatsApp groups as well. It is also available on Youtube. You can also watch its archived version.

However, India Today Anti-Fake News War Room (AFWA) tagged the viral video as misleading. There is no proof that using a hairdryer with hot air application can treat or prevent the COVID-19.

Snopes, an international fact-checking website, has already debunked this claim. It also advised that this proposed technique might be even dangerous to health.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has not made any recommendation about using hot air application against the coronavirus. You can check out the WHO guideline for legit information regarding COVID-19 prevention and cure.

It has been found out that the author of the idea, Dr. Dimke is actually not a healthcare provider. He has a Ph.D. in Education but is not a medical doctor. He is a futurologist, hypnotist, and a CEO of a digital marketing firm.



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