Warning: this video features humiliating violence.


CCTV footage reportedly recorded in a restaurant somewhere in Russia recently surfaced online.

The video shows a waitress approaching a male patron presumably to hand him his bill. Although the video isn’t exactly clear, the customers looks to be attempting to insert a paper bill into the blouse of the waitress, who immediately pushes the man and walks away. Not to be deterred, the customer stupidly gropes the waitress’s butt, only to discover a woman who’s unafraid to take things into her own hands, or rather her own menu.

The waitress uses her bill folder to slap the man, who falls to the ground and gets up to try and assault the woman a second time. Proving the saying that, “Some people just don’t learn their lesson,” the man is sent sprawling to the ground, with the using a large menu as a weapon.

A group of men quickly arrives to help the shaken man, who seems to have absolutely no idea just what happened to him. Violence normally isn’t the answer to our problems, but in the case of the Russian waitress, it seems to have done the trick.

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