New York, USA – Appealing that they are unsettled tens of millions of dollars for the hit television series “The Walking Dead,” co-creator Frank Darabont and his agent CAA have filed charges against AMC Networks.




The 54-year old film director and producer who established the highly praised television series based on Robert Kirkman’s comic volumes of the same title, with his industry partner CAA, firmally filed the suit against AMC last Tuesday.


The lawsuit, which was filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, states that AMC Networks engaged in “the improper and abusive practice of ‘self-dealing,'” obviously contending that the acclaimed film director and producer Frank Darabont was cheated of profit.


According to the suit, it states that Darabont is eligible of proceeds based on the The Walking Dead’s success. Further, it also states that it used a formula in which he collects a partition from a ‘pool’ of modified adjusted gross earnings. CAA, which also bundled in the series, is a profit partaker.


Moreover, the suit declared that while the term of licensing goes in the middle of rival networks and studios is classically four years, AMC’s charged license pay is a continuous one.


“The success of this particular series is somewhat unprecedented because it has obliterated the distinction between cable and network TV,” Dale Kinsella, one of Darabont’s representatives said while identifying that the suit is definitely typical in portion.


Darabont, on his statement, said AMC dismissed him from the series when the first season last 2011 concluded to avoid paying him more compensation. Apparently, the hit television series just recently aired it mid-season finale of it fourth season.


Reports that time says Darabont was dismissed due to the show’s shortened budget and his not-so-good rapport with the officials of the network.


AMC Networks Inc., being directly sued for its actions, just declined to release a statement in defense to Frank Darabont and CAA.


Source: KickerDailyNews