Edinburgh, Scotland – While a professional street performer does his remarkable act in a casual street in Edinburgh, the squint of the crowd builds up even more as a little kid joins in and topples off the performer’s act in his dance.

Onlookers were gathered up and are obviously entertained at the sight of a child jumping in on the performance of the street entertainer.

Little Boy Steals Show from Street Performer

Spandy Andy, the street performer, went on to continue his act with the child joining in. The little boy was presumably just watching the performer and suddenly jumps in to do his freestyle dancing. They both danced frantically jumping and stepping randomly anywhere as the audience rouses to rounds of applause.

Also, one amazed onlooker took a video of the happiest act and uploaded the video days later the event took place.

Consequently, this becomes an act that attracted the big crowd who enjoyed every last bit of their funny presentation.

Watch the video here: