Mumbai, India – Holiday season is almost over, and giving as well as sharing to people around is taking its toll on downsize along with it. However, one video from India disapproves the thought, becoming viral on spot.

Produced by the Naik Foundation which is a registered charitable institution founded by Nina Naik and Neeska Naik, the two-minute video, entitled “Share… Care… Joy…” reminds the audience that altruism does not have to be outstanding acts.


As their website described their utmost goals and objectives, it states “We are a registered Charitable Trust in India under the Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950, in the Foundation we work at different levels – enabling, empowering and educating communities, and paving the way for them to be integrated into mainstream society.”

The video started with a young Indian boy playing with a worn-out bicycle tire then stops to sit and relax for a while. He then notices a 50 rupees bill sticking out on the tire. Joyfully, he starts to ponder where to spend the money he fortunately found.

Later on, the video cuts to the boy glancing on shops which sell toys, sweet, and other desirable items. With an obvious smile creeping up on his lips, he knows that after some time, he will be able get his hands on one of those.

The video shifts again when the boy stumbles on an incident as he trudges on the line of shops across the street. He saw another boy accidentally hitting a set of glass on a coffee shop nearby with a ball. The old lady, presumably the owner of the shop, calls on the doer and stares intently at him first, while clutching the ball that shattered her set of glasses on her hands. The boy came near with a look of fear on his face, waiting for a scolding from the old lady.

Surprisingly, the old lady gave up her fierce look and gives the ball back to the little boy. Seeing it, the boy who got the 50 rupees bill came up with an idea. He runs away then comes back, approaching the old lady with a new set of glasses in his hands giving it joyfully to her.

As he walks away, the boy is genuinely happy on what he did.

The video featured the modest yet very powerful act of sharing whatever little you have. Proving that sharing perhaps is an easy highway to the house of joy.

Watch the video here: