Jean Claude Van Damme’s epic split turned out viral on a Volvo advertisement premiered last November making Chuck Norris spoof the video on a much thrilling way.

chuck norris spoof 2

Chuck Norris, 73 year old, performed the split in the same pattern Van Damme did. But this time, he beats the younger Van Damme by doing the impressive act between the wings of two flying C5 Galaxy Military freight planes. Amazingly, the act included 11 men balanced on Norris’ head.

The viral video starts at Chuck Norris standing straight while staring in front of the camera. The video used the same background music “Only Time” by Enya as Van Damme’s. As the video progressed, it slowly zoomed out as a voice over of a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet is overheard finally revealing the attempt of spoofing the stunt.


Whilst he stood between the wing tips of the freight planes, imitating the act Jean Claude Van Damme did for Volvo, the two planes moved moderately apart from each other. Likewise, Norris also had his arms folded across chis chest, so as to fully mimic Van Damme.

chuck norris spoof

All the more, as he balances on top of his head the eleven fighter pilots in skydiving gear, Chuck Norris and the men lighted up Christmas lights and flares, creating the first human Christmas tree high above the sky.

Finally, the video zooms further to show the lines “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” just above the epic human Christmas tree. Along with it is the voice over of the narrator wishing everyone a season’s greeting.

chuck norris spoof 4

In both videos of Van Damme’s and Norris’ outfits were also noticeable. Van Damme had his buttoned up shirt, black undershirt, and jeans, while Norris had jeans, boots, a black shirt, unbuttoned checkered polo shirt, and a cowboy hat.


The video of Jean Claude Van Damme’s split went viral across the internet, causing a number of spoofs. This parody created by Norris was not the only one, actor Channing Tatum also did a much humorous version of this as he fell to his back clutching his groin as he cursed the act.

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Source: KickerDailyNews