Manila, Philippines – Triggered by the death of his father-in-law in the horrible bus accident at the Skyway morning of December 16 in Taguig City, Shane Krueger, an American relative, posted a video of his outrage on Filipino society which immediately became viral on the video social portal Youtube.

Shane Krueger’s Tatay Rodel Tolentino, was one of the 19 individuals who were the ill-fated passengers of the Don Mariano Transit bus which toppled off the Skyway on a rainy dawn of Monday, in what witness say caused by reckless maneuver on the slippery road and excessive over speeding.

The accident that killed his beloved father-in-law finally prompted Shane Krueger’s frustration on the Filipino society, especially along with its government and politicians itself.

Entitling his video “Justice for Tatay” and uploading it on Youtube, he brought his discontent and regrets to the social media, later on gaining both sympathy and criticism from the ‘netizens.’

The American, in his dimly lit video, said: “One thing that I saw when I was at the Philippines was a lack of accountability. There needs to be accountability,”

Further, he voiced out most of his wrath on the bus company Don Mariano Transit, which obviously owned and ran the franchise of the unfortunate bus.

In the video, he also said: “Their name should be mud, because apparently, the one that’s running this company, the company that’s had several failures, several deaths is hiding,”

He also mentioned something about Filipinos who were very sensitive to criticism, mainly coming from a foreigner like him.

“I saw the way you guys instantly hated an American that said there’s litter on your street, that he didn’t like to see skin-whitening products…and stuff like that.”

“The whole nation roars up and said, ‘Hey, foreigner you have no right to say this, you’re no longer welcome in the Philippines.'”

Source: KickerDailyNews