Nowadays, you’ll probably hear from the younger generation how hard it is to go to school. Even with various modes of transportation and, not to mention, big cash allowances, going to school is still a struggle for them.

But, wait until you see this! Look at these kids and you’ll surely see things in a different perspective.

China Kids - Climb Clef To Study
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Yes, that image is not Photoshopped or edited in any way. You can witness this shocking and terrifying scene every school days in a village in China.

In this village in the mountainous part of west China, children have to climb a bamboo ladder which is 800 meters high. This is believed to be in Zhaojue county in Sichuan, China. The image went viral online raising concerns from online users worldwide.

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For some, this scene just defines a wide gap between East China’s modern area and West China’s remote areas where majority of the residents remained in poverty.

There are about 72 families who are living in this area. They are members of the Yi minority group who lived by farming potatoes, chili peppers and walnuts. Their children have to climb the ladder as this is the only access they have to Atuleer village where the school is located. Their children return every two weeks since they are allowed to board in the school. But,even if they are allowed to temporarily stay in the school, just thinking about their struggle on climbing the stairs is still terrifying in every way.

But, there’s good news for these kids and their families!

After a press release from the Liangshan prefectural government, it is said that a set of steel stairs will be provided to them. Providing steel stairs is their first step to solve this issue while government officials look for a more long term solution.

Aside from the children’s safety, stopping the ladder-only access to the village would stop exploitation. This is because there are fraudulent traders who take advantage of the villagers because they know that these villagers would sell goods in a cheaper price as they won’t be able to carry unsold goods back up the mountain easily.

In the press release, county Communist Party Secretary General Jikejingsong said:

“The most important issue at hand is to solve the transport issue. That will allow us to make larger-scale plans about opening up the economy and looking for opportunities in tourism,”

So, after knowing this, would you still complain how difficult your life is? Think again!

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