A MATH question which sends people across the globe scratching their heads for answer is finally solved.

Designed by Singapore and Asian School Math Olympiads for 14 to 15-year-olds students in an elite high school in Singapore, the question is about solving the mystery on the birth date of a woman named Cheryl as two male friends—Albert and Bernard—trying to use logic to figure out the answer based on some given clues and 10 possible answers.

The question, originally leaked on social media by Singaporean TV host Kenneth Kong, went viral with netizens being stumped on it, even comparing it to another viral meme “the blue and black dress”.

A hashtag #cherylsbirthday was even created for the world to come up with possible answer on Cheryl’s birthday.

Luckily, after knowing the frustration it brought to people desperately cracking on Cheryl’s birthday, Singapore and Asian School Math Olympiads revealed the solution.

“This is a difficult question meant to sift out the better students,” said its organizer on its Facebook page.

Noting also on how the question and its answer caught the attention of the world, one Math Olympiad team organizer from Christchurch, New Zealand commented on how advantageous the viral math problem is.

“…Problems such as the one that went viral were useful in challenging the negative stigma people often had towards math,” said Stephen McConnachie in a news report.

Attached is the explanation on the official answer of the tricky math question from Singapore and Asian School Math Olympiads.

Happy birthday, Cheryl!


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