SINGAPOREAN TV host and actress Sharon Au has issued apology over her “racist remarks” on Friday evening when she mocked an ethnic Indian girl during the SEA Games pre-opening ceremony.

“It was truly a magnificent SEA Games Opening Ceremony and I was really honoured to be part of it. Some of you may have watched the pre-show and heard my attempt at mimicking an Indian accent. It was intended to be comic but in hindsight I realise how insensitive it was,” Au posted on her Facebook account.

“I sincerely apologise to those whom I’ve inadvertently offended,” she added.

The incident started when Au tried to ask an Indian girl during the pre-show segment to say a line welcoming the foreign delegations, yet the girl failed to do it correctly.

“In an audience interaction segment before the start of the SEA Games opening ceremony at the National Stadium, emcee Sharon Au approached an Indian girl seated in the stands. The girl did not properly perform the act — saying aloud a line welcoming foreign contingents (others before her didn’t get it right too).

“Au, speaking into a mike and with the cameras trained on her, shockingly put on a strong Indian accent, and while shaking her head from right to left asked the girl: ‘What (Vat) happened? What happened?’” said AFP reporter Bhavan Jaipragas, who posted the incident on his Facebook page

“Earlier, she made fun of the girl’s name, Kavya, referencing ‘caviar,’” added Jaipragas.

Au’s remarks immediately earned criticism both from the audience and on social media.

“A great start destroyed by a single racist act from host Sharon Au. Will we ever learn?” said one netizen.