A famous Korean restaurant called “Restaurant for Single” in South Korea was built and intended for people who are not in a relationship. This place has attracted diners and has been one of the visited restaurants where a single, unmarried or divorced person can get the chance to meet and greet people who are not in a relationship as well.

Upon entering the place, a waiter would ask if the customer is single and then usher them to sit on a chair without knowing they are on a set up.


This kind of set up is similar to an eminent kind of dating called blind dating which is not new to people since it has been a way for a social engagement between two persons who have not met.

According to the owner, “the concept of the restaurant is crazy and it is to make people happy through meeting a stranger in a great way.”

The people who would eat their meal in the said restaurant were prompted to click a button on a touch screen where a little message pops up whether he would like a partner to dine with or not, depending on the question, there is a surprise where a board fronting the person is another person seated in front who would appear to be a companion.

Restaurants are one of the best places where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises. It may be similar to inexpensive and informal lunching or dining places catering to people working nearby, but it has been a great spot for people who want to have business meetings, negotiations or all kinds of dating.

Source: 9Gag TV & Youtube

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