Packed pool party in an amusement park in New Taipei City, Taiwan turned into a terrible fire where more than 500 young revellers were injured last June 28, 2015.

“Our initial understanding is this explosion and fire was caused by the powder spray. It could have been due to the heat of the lights on the stage,” said a spokesman for the New Taipei City fire department.

A mobile phone captured scenes of dancing and loud music as sparks of flames ignited around the crowds before a large fireball surrounded the dancefloor, unexpectedly transforming into a panicked commotion.

Pool Party turn to fire

Including the organiser of the event, the owner of Color Play Asia Lu Chung-chi, 41, who knelt in apology; hardware equipment technician Chiu Po-ming, 33; and special effects worker Liao Chun-ming, 39, were arrested for interrogative by the police behind the fire, which is believed to have been caused by powder exploding above the crowds.

The severity of the casualties’ injuries, Mao Chi-kuo, Taiwan prime minister, told reporters that “the next few days will be a critical time for the injured”.

However, Lee Pei-yun, 20, was pronounced dead Monday morning at Taichung’s Chung Shan Hospital in central Taiwan.

“Doctors pronounced Lee dead after her mother agreed to stop the treatment provided to her daughter,” an official at the Taichung city government’s health bureau said.

“Lee had sustained 90 percent burns,” The official confirmed.

Jynvel R. Anguren
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University




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