Dubai, UAE – Dubai OFW singer has been recently picked to be one of the 22 artists across the globe to record a song in celebration of the diverse culture in the rich land of United Arab Emirates.

Virginia Sanchez

Known as “La Ghie” to the Filipino community in the Middle East, Viginia Sanchez will start recording the song “We are the Emirates” next month at the Opera Studio in Dubai. To join her in the upcoming recording, eleven other foreign artist including India’s Asha Bhosle, Morocco’s Houda Saad and French-Spanish singer Batista will be with her to sing the song composition in their respective native languages.

To reflect cultural diversity in the Middle East, the UAE advertising company Heat Creative Media Group, stated that they tapped foreign artist to sing “We are the Emirates.”

They said, “[The] song is a tribute to the vision of the UAE [as a] beacon of the peace, solidarity, unity, love of culture, diversity and modernity, which are shared by [its] residents.”

Sanchez, who was born in Pangasinan, before joined several rural and national singing contests and later flew to Japan 2003 to be a professional artists. Starting as a back up singer for bands, she later moved to Qatar to perform finally for Filipino expatriates.

She became a famous singer in the Middle East in the screen name of La Ghie, making waves in the music scene. Later on, her singing brought her to Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. Even so, her praised version of the Albanian song “Moj E Bukura,” which means “Beautiful Remix” made her even more famous in the foreign lands allowing her to travel more.

However, she still made time to perform in front of the Filipino community. In 2012, she was a guess to UAE concerts of Filipino artists Pooh and Aljur Abrenica. This year, she held her first concert at the Comedy Junction in Dubai. Apparently, it was a hit, prompting the proud 34-year old Filipina to announce the possibility of a next concert soon enough.

Her rendition of “We are the Emirates” will be included in an album that will be launched January 30, 2014 at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. While an international launch will be at the Palais des Festival in Cannes, France on February.

Source: GMANewsOnline