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MANILA, Philippines- The Philippine Government said on Monday that six Filipinos were killed by Islamic militants who laid siege on a gas plant in Algeria.

Foreign affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez also confirmed that there are still four Filipinos missing.

“The deaths of the six Filipinos were a direct result of the hostage-taking incident in the area and mostly by gunshot wounds and the effects of the explosions,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez added that the government is informing the families of the victims and will be arranging the repatriation of the victim’s remains. The PH government now focused in finding the four missing Filipinos.

Hernandez also confirmed that there are 16 Filipinos alive after being caught up in said crisis while four of them were treated in a hospital in Algeria.

Moreover, it is reported in Ennahar television that 25 hostages were found by security forces on Sunday and that there were 5 hostage-takers  captured alive.

A number of hostages were proclaimed dead as survivor’s photos showed dead bodies riddled with bullets while other victims had their heads half blown due to gunfire’s impact.

Furthermore, the interior ministry of Algeria also confirmed that there were 32 kidnappers killed and the army was able to freed 107 foreigners and 685 Algerian workers.