The New Horizons Spacecraft has released new photos of the Pluto’s surface exposing the implausible diversity of its detailed features last Thursday.

“Pluto is showing us a diversity of landforms and complexity of processes that rival anything we’ve seen in the solar system,” New Horizons Principal Investigator (name of the investigator?) said.

New photos reveal the captivating facts of Pluto

Moreover he adds, “If an artist had painted this Pluto before our flyby, I probably would have called it over the top — but that’s what is actually there.”

The Pluto’s bright heart is a captivating disparity to the murkier regions close to it and the new photos reveal some of the oldest and youngest geological regions on the dwarf planet.

It’s even conceivable that there are ridges on Pluto, signifying that wind may have blown material into that formation.

“Seeing dunes on Pluto-if that is what they are-would be completely wild, because Pluto’s atmosphere today is so thin,” New Horizons Team Member William McKinnon said.

Furthermore, the photos make it seem like Pluto’s atmosphere has more mist, which creates a “twilight effect” that lights up the night side of the planet during sundown.

As of now, the scientists are still looking for ways to study geology in land which was never expected to happen.

Meanwhile, researchers have found out that the photos revealed enormous mountains made of water and ice, and that the smooth plains might be the outcome of nitrogen snow.

Source: Mashable

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