Maid who killed employer’s daughter jailed 20 years. Photo credit to

Singapore – A disabled 12 year old girl was shoved off a ledge last 2011 by an Indonesian house helper was finally sentenced for 20 year imprisonment for culpable homicide last Monday.

Nurhayati, the helper, was only 16 years old at the time she shoved Linda Lee Yee Lin off the 16th floor parapet ledge of a block in Hougang Street 51.

Apparently, Nurhayati had been hired only for a month to take care of Linda Lee Yee Lin. According to the court, Nurhayati finds it difficult to adjust to life in Singapore and was not trained to support or care a disabled child. The court added that Nurhayati was mad and irritated with Linda’s father, Mr Lee Kai Yam, as he often lecturing her about her work. There was also an incident that Nurhayati planned to kill him by mixing his coffee with insect poison, fortunately, it did not push through.

Linda, the 12 year old girl, is suffering from Scoliosis and was mentally and physically disabled since birth.

Last November 24, 2010, Nurhayati over a sudden brink of madness, she taught of killing Linda just to have her revenge over Mr. Lee for treating her that way.

Her plot started when Mr Lee left for work, Nurhayati carried Linda out of the family’s flat on the 4th floor and took the elevator to the ground floor, but still hesitant on what to do.

She went back to the lift and went up to the 16th floor, where she pushed Linda off the parapet wall. She even staged Linda’s disappearance as a kidnap for ransom.

Nurhayati wrote a note addressed to Mr. Lee using a red pen, and taped it to Linda’s bedroom door, before she lay down, naked, on the floor of the bedroom to pretend she was sexually assaulted.

However, above all of this created fabrications, police later uncovered the truth through their continuous investigations.

Linda’s parents were present for the hearing. Mr. Lee said he was still trying to cope with the loss of his only child Linda. Nurhayati’s mother was also in the court, and spent almost 15 minutes crying with her daughter after the sentence was announced to the public.