Izabel Laxamana, a 13-year-old Giaudrone student from Tacoma, Washington jumped to her death in a highway overpass on Friday, May 29 just days after being shamed online with a video taken by her dad.
Tacoma police reported that she was taken to Seattle Hospital, where she died Saturday. On Monday, the King County Medical Examiners’ office ruled the death a suicide.
In the 15-second video postedto YouTube, her father,Jeff, chopped her hair off as punishment for her bad behavior.
In the video her dad says, “The consequences of getting messed up?” he asks before panning to the sight of long locks of black hair on the ground. “Man, you lost all that beautiful hair. Was it worth it?”
“No,” the girl responds.
“How many times did I warn you?”
“A lot,” she answers almost inaudibly.
But police, reached by the Daily News late Thursday, say he’s not the one who uploaded the video and that they believe it was never meant to be published.

“According to their findings so far, the video was leaked by a third party who thought they were being of help,”Tacoma Public Information Officer Loretta Cool said.

14 Year-Old-Student Killed Herself After Being Abused By Bullies On A Social Networking Site

Hannah Smith, 14, died on Friday in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, after being “cyberbullied” on the question-and-answer website ask.fm, which allows users to send messages without their identity being disclosed.

Her dead body was found hanged in her bedroom by her sister, Jo, 16. Smith later found a note written by Hannah that read: “I wonder if it’s ever going to get better,” the Mirror reported.

Her father, Dave Smith, has called the social networking website for it to be closed down because it drove his daughter to take her own life.

“How many more teenagers will kill themselves because of online abuse before something is done? These sick people are just able to go online and hide behind a mask of anonymity while they abuse vulnerable teenagers,” he told the Daily Mirror.

Jynvel R. Anguren
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Source: Viral4Real , Mirror, NYDailyNews

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