A lot of people prefer to buy using paper bills than paying coins to show their high status in life.

But it seems that Mr. Gan, a man from China and works at a petrol station, is different from the rest.

He saved 660,000 Yuan (US$ 106,000 / Php 4,771,007) in coins,which is more than 4 million if converted to Philippine Peso, to buy a brand new car at a Shenyang car dealership. The total prize of the car was 680,00o Yuan or 4,916,184 million in Philippine Peso. According to Gan, the coins were from the payments of his customers who refuels their cars and buses.

According to news.com.au, the staggering load of coins was hauled to the dealership in the back of a truck, wrapped in 1,320 individual bundles, and offloaded by a team of more than 10 dealership employees. All totaled, the massive change trove weighed in at more than four tons.

Coins For Car

The employees of the car shop admitted that they had a hard time counting the money. Theyneeded more than an hour to move all the cash into the showroom.  But according to them, they are used to it because it is not the first time that someone bought a car using coins. The dealership did not deposit the money in the bank and decided to buy a car for the company.

Walter Marc C. Cantero
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Sources: Yahoo!; Metro UK; BBC

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