The next time you check someone out on the street while driving, keep your eyes on the road, and remember this story.

Actual CCTV footage of an amusing incident in China has emerged on YouTube and other social media sites, where news commentators and netizens have feasted on the video, poking fun at it. The viral video shows a man crashing his motorcycle after being distracted and leering at a woman wearing a miniskirt.

In the video, reportedly sourced from a closed-circuit security camera in China’s Zhejiang Province, the man can be seen weaving on his motorcycle as he tries to ogle at the leggy woman, finally losing control of his bike and crashing into a minibus, creating a minor pile-up that’s funnier than it is serious.

We expect the pain to come more from embarrassment instead of the crash itself. Although no serious injuries were reported due to the incident, the driver’s wallet had to take a hit, as news reports say the man had to pay 2000 Yuan (14000 php) for damages.

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News Source: Yahoo SG

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