Hong Kong tycoon offers HK$500 million for a man whether rich or poor, to marry his daughter.

Making the male population half of the world a million offer it can’t resist, a Hong Kong magnate has offered $63 million or more to a suitor who will marry his daughter.

Shipping magnate Cecil Chao Sze-tsung who is 76 years old, announced the ‘marriage reward’ after his 33-year-old daughter, Gigi Chao, married her longtime same-sex partne, Sean Eav, in a civil ceremony in Paris last week according to reports.

Clashing the validity of the marriage, Chao wants his daughter to marry any man who wins her heart, but said he wouldn’t force her to marry against her will.

A colorful fixture on the Hong Kong social scene (and for someone who once claimed to have slept with 10,000 women), Chao stated “I don’t mind whether he is rich or poor. The important thing is that he is generous and kind-hearted.”

The 76-year-old tycoon himself has never married, and has long earned a reputation on the pages of local newspapers and magazines in the arms of beautiful women according to the South China Morning Post reported.

Cecil Chao Sze-tsung thinks an entrepreneurial type would suit his daughter well, admitting to the South China Morning Post that the plan was “an encouragement to attract someone who has the talent but not the capital to start his own business.”

While Gigi seems every inch a modern, independent woman, whose LinkedIn profile indicates she graduated from University of Manchester with a degree in architecture, is a licensed helicopter pilot, and is active in many charities. She is indeed could be any man’s dream girl. It wouldn’t be hard for any man to fall for Gigi.

On Gigi’s Facebook page, she posted that she’d stopped accepting friend requests and wrote: “where do all these people come from? Jerusalem? Ethiopia? Istanbul? ridiculous.” Clearly shocked over the overwhelming response she got all over the world pertaining about the rewar of marrying her or curious people who wanted to know more about her.

Still she does seem to take these things happening right now seriously, telling the BBC news that she found her father’s plan “entertaining” and wouldn’t worry about it until an actual suitor had been found.

Gigi Chao is an executive director of Cheuk Nang Holdings, a luxury property development company run by her father.