New York, USA – After losing his consciousness and tumbling down the rail tracks in front of a coming train, blind master Cecil Williams, 61 years old, was saved by his guide dog, Orlando in a near death situation.


Doing his duty and proving the adage “a dog is a man’s best friend,” the black Labrador Orlando bravely jumped on to the rail tracks at Manhattan to save his blind master.


Cecil and Orlando both escaped serious injury and at worst a horrible death when the incoming train passed over on top of them, an incredible conclusion to a much expected mortality of both when Cecil Williams started to feel fainting while waiting on his train to go to his dentist.


“He tried to hold me up,” says emotional voice cracking Williams on an interview from the Associated Press on his hospital bed.

Cecil Williams

Onlookers says the black Lab Orlando began barking desperately to his master and tried to push him up so as to stop Williams from falling from the platform. Matthew Martin, a man who witnessed the whole miraculous incident, says to the New York Post that the brave dog leapt down and tried to move his master from the tracks even as the train approached.


Martin said that Orlando was kissing his master, obviously trying to wake him up and move.


Concerned witnesses around called for help as the train’s motorman decreased his speed as he approached while still, Cecil and Orlando were in the tracks, desperately waiting for a miracle.


“The dog saved my life,” Williams said in full gratitude to his faithful dog.


Williams even heard someone telling him to be still as he regained consciousness whilst the train approached above them, leaving them completely safe under it. Emergency workers came minutes after and later put him on a stretcher and pulled him out of the subway. Orlando was miraculously not injured.


William said in an interview, “I’m feeling amazed, I feel that God, the powers that be, have something in store for me. They didn’t take me away this time. I’m here for a reason.”


Williams was taken to a hospital, and Orlando at his bedside. Saying he is not sure why he lost consciousness in spite of taking his medications regularly.


On an interview at the hospital, Orlando was described by his master as a serious but laid-back. Saying more, sometime later he will receive some kind of a special treat from Williams.


“(He) gets me around and saves my life on a daily basis,” says Williams.


Cecil Williams of Brooklyn was blind since 1995, and Orlando was his second guide dog and will be retiring soon. Williams said his medical benefits will cover a new guide dog, but he’ll be looking first a good home for Orlando.


“I would definitely keep him,” says Williams if he had the money.


Source: KickerDailyNews