Flames engulf a portion of Tamweel residential tower at Jumeirah Lakes Towers, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates last Nov. 18, 2012. Photo credit to KTAR.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates— A fire in a Dubai high-rise 34-story residential last with a construction worker falling to his death and workers trapped above fire trying to balance the building’s exterior.

Residents, some wearing night gowns and pajamas while holding their passports and other belongings, stood on roadways watching fire pour from windows on high floors. Pieces of fiery debris fell from the veneer.

A statement from Dubai Police said the fire was brought under control and no casualties were reported.

Hundreds of bystanders and passersby on the street below watched shocked.

The alarming fire is bound to set off discussions on upgrading Dubai’s emergency services to handle high-rise rescues in a city with hundreds of such towers.

Last June, hundreds of residents were evacuated safely from a 76-story tower after a fire broke out on the 36th floor.

Last November, firefighters in Sharjah, north of Dubai, fought hard to battle a fire in a 25-story tower without equipment to reach the flames. The United Arab Emirates is considering bans on flammable panels in high-rise buildings.