Sochi, Russia — a Swiss Shepherd dog named Tallim has become a foster mother to three motherless Siberian tiger cubs. The three baby tigers were born last week at the Black Sea Resort of Sochi, Russia and were suddenly abandoned by their mother. The zookeepers were already well-prepared that Bagira, the tiger mom, will escape from her motherhood because she already forsaken her set of five baby tigers five months ago. A Shar Pei dog named Cleopatra filled her spot that time and luckily she has become more than appropriate for being a mother.

This time, Tallim adopted the three abandoned cubs as if they were her own. She was immediately able to nurse them all even if she is currently pregnant. Because of her pregnancy, the zookeepers are supplementing the tiger cubs with goat’s milk so as not to tire out Tallim. Tallim is also in a high-protein diet to keep her health and to make her capable of producing enough milk to feed the tigers as well as her future puppies.

Victoria Kudlaeva, the zoo spokesperson said that they were astound quick Tallim took the baby tigers. However, it is natural for female animals to nurse abandoned offspring of other species, sustain them and comfort.

The two male tiger babies were named Dar and Olymp and the female was named after Tallim. Although they already showed their claws and teeth to their strange-looking adopted parent, Tallim has been nursing them patiently and attentively.