A post by former interior Secretary Rafael Alunan III has been made in his account on July 2, 2015, 12:09 pm saying that on July 1st , four F-18 Super Hornets from CVW 5 aboard USS George Washington CVN 73 were again challenged by the PLA Navy in the West Philippine Sea above the Kalayaan Island Group.

 However, the United States Navy has denied the report. Lt. Lauren Cole, the US 7th Fleet deputy public affairs officer, said in an email to the Manila Bulletin that no such instance happened in the past few days.

Screenshot_2 Screenshot_1 US Fighter

Furthermore, Allunan mentioned in his post that PLA Navy threatened to scramble a squadron of JT 15. “China’s continued threats were ignored by Mitchell and ordered the Super Hornets to switch on their radar weapons systems and continued on with their mission and sortie. No PLA Navy or Airforce aircrafts came,” said Alunan’s post.

Lt.Cmdr. Marion “Mitch” Paulson responded that they were over Philippine territorial waters and were  conducting routine patrol flights on behalf of the Republic of the Philippines.

Also, according to Armed Forces of the Philippines Public Affairs Office Chief Lieutenant Colonel Harold Cabunoc the military has not received report on the said incident.

Kimberly Ann A. Jorgio
Leyte Normal University

Source: ManilaLiveWire

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