Washington D.C. – All the people out there, who have been looking for some idea which is out of the box in the publishing of books, will soon have had their wishes fulfilled. Silk, one of the most innovative and surprising authors of the generation has provided the world with an official announcement about the release of her book which seems to have provided an explosion altogether.

According to an announcement from the SJM publishing house, the release of her first book “Using Lies As Alibi’s” is something which will take your breath away and the writer has made sure that you will fall in love with the entire idea of it. With the introduction of eBooks and digital music sharing, the value of books in themselves have gone down by a bit and hence the publisher brings forward her story in a very unique writing style along with an exclusive sound track associated with it. The new concept of book with a soundtrack, though not new to Silk who did a test run in 2009 in her local city of Washington, D.C., the publishing industry newborn will launch on January 31, 2014 and will have the world talking as she introduces what she hopes will be the beginning of a new trend.

SJMPHer company re-launches with a bang! SJM is always associated with unique marketing, and this new concept is already garnering attention from all different corners of the world and promises to be an interesting literary ride and a huge success! Like the other five books that Silk has slated to come out from SJM Publishing this year, this idea of book release along with the musical collection has also intrigued a new crowd of readers and music lovers alike. The entire world will surely be waiting for January 31st to get their hands on Using Lies As Alibi’s. This new book is based on urban literature and it delves into the lives of the every day man and woman and how they move on with their lives while chasing their respected dreams. It reads like a reality show in a book. It is an interactive piece of work made even more unique by her writing style in which she includes the reader in the story by directly talking to the reader. That alone was risky in the literary world but the SJM Publishing house is determined to blaze their own trail in the publishing game. The 17 song soundtrack, “The Three Year Engagement” by William Casanova be free for download with the ebook and given away with paperback copies. Not to mention he first single that has quickly picked up speed, the club single “Don’t Start None” by Will shall be offered for digital sale on February 4th.

The series of books though all different, some how intertwine and lead you into the chase for the notorious Benjamin’s family, which is always never ending and pairs with the heart felt desires and dreams of the characters that Silk lovingly refers to as everyday people. The author has seen the effect of the urban books on readers and hence she has made the story in a way that all readers will desire this piece of work. She seeks to create a lot of emotional connection and bond with her readers so that they find their interest in the book even more. The author has shelled off all of her personal tragedies and is determined to leave her mark in the book world. Silk continues to show her determination and solidify her place in history in her new book where she has gently merged music and inscriptions.