As the talks about the approaching blood moon and predicted meteor strike this month are known to people, theorists foretell a disastrous event which will destroy civilization.

Several internet websites are saying that the phenomenon will occur between the days of September 22-28 as the period for the forthcoming devastation.

Blood Moon and Meteor Strike Occurrences Signs of the Apocalypse

On the 28th of September, people are expecting to witness the moon turn its color into red where others also think that the said phenomenon is the start of “the end” of days.

Theological philosophers have been foretelling the end of the world for some time already due to the said astronomical events, provoking the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to give information to end these theories.

The space agency still continues its watch over the atmospheres for signs of any inbound meteors and has announced it all-clear. NASA uses an automated collision monitoring system called Sentry that scans asteroids for the probability of an impact.

Some stargazers may think that the appearance of the blood moon as a signal of the end; however, the red color is caused by the reflection of the rays from the sun to the Earth’s atmosphere, making it look red to the naked eye. On the other hand, meteors that enter the Earth are destroyed by intense atmospheric friction temperature, thus breaking them into harmless debris as they reach the ground.

Source: Mirror

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