The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Such words apply so well to personal looks, your perspective in life, and especially art. But with the way aesthetics evolve and vary almost in an instant, it’s getting harder and harder to separate the simple no-brainer doodles of a 3-year old to that of the complex strokes of an artist.

It may take an expert to determine what actually is a work of art or not but it does not mean it can’t sell. Selling your art is your way to sustaining your passion as your livelihood. You can sell your works with a fixed priced tag or have it bid on – which means more money, well, depending on how high the bids are for it. And that was had happened to US President Donald Trump’s now famous black-marker sketch of the famed Empire State Building. (See image below.)


A sketch of the Empire State Building drawn by US President Donald Trump /Julien’s Auctions via AP

The 12sketch of the world-renowned landmark was

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