Over 5,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes on La Gomera in Spain’s Canary Islands land after three days forest fire continues to burn out of control. 

Valle Gran Rey in La Gomera is the most affected area. Firefighters had a hard time fighting to preserve the area as it continues to spread fire all over the area even road access has been cut by fire because of high winds and dry vegetation. Nearly 2,000 of Garajonay National Park has been destroyed.

Two firefighters died in Torremanzanas, a village in coastal town of Alicante while trying to extinguish a wildfire. Officials told the press that they have deployed eight helicopters and six planes to help the firefighters extinguish the spreading fire.

Since Friday, about 5,000 people were evacuated, two boats go back and forth from Valle Gran Rey to La Gomera city proper to rescue people from the raging fire.

As of the moment, no report of casualties have been reported but the damage to their homes is clearly devastating plus their livelihood. For now, evacuees stay at different schools and gymnasium.

For the record, Spain has been one of the countries that has been devastated by forest fires for decades now. Temperature has soared up to 40C (104F) in Canary Islands during driest winter.

The fire at La Gomera alone consumed up to 750 hectares (1,853 acres) of woodland in Garajonay national park which is a Unesco World Heritage site believing that most parts of the park have existed for million years.  Administrator and forest rangers told the media that it will take years or even decades for the affected areas to recover since most of the parts have been turned into dust. It will take time but as of the moment they already have volunteers who wanted to help restore the heritage park.

On Spanish mainland alone, thousands of areas have been also devastated by wildfires which includes Catalunya, Valencia and Galicia because of dry winter and high August temperatures. Locals have been praying that the fire will continue to calm so that they can clean out what is left in their area, but if strong winds continue, they will continue to stay at the schools until officials confirm that they can finally return to the said areas.