Captured on a CCTV, two young Russian thugs were seen picking on an old man whom they didn’t know was a retired boxer.

According to a Spanish news site, the two men appeared to be drunk and followed the old man outside the shop and tried to rob him.

The old man remained still despite their angry disputes but he finally had enough.

Still possessing his fighting prowess, he quickly pushed the man on the chest.

The other man was approaching when the he threw a fast left hook directly to the jaw which knocked the man down to the ground.

The first guy tried to throw a punch at him but he easily dodged it then he counter attacked and punched the guy down as well.

The two knocked out thugs regained consciousness at once but were still too weak to get up. Then it was the retired boxer’s time to talk to them.

From the description of the video, it wasn’t clear if the police were involved in the incident since it wasn’t seen in the footage.

But the video sparked different reactions to the viewers on this social media site.

“You know what the best part of this is? The guy doesn’t hit them while they are down. Most people today would kick a guy when they are down and cause serious harm,” commented Gavin Vaughan.

Another YouTube user even said that the video was “more exciting than Mayweather Pacquiao.”

Currently, it already has more than two million views on YouTube.

Yssa Acosta
Leyte Normal University

Source: YouTube

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