Maryland, USA – Jason Schellenschlager, 14, recently broke the world record for squats in his weight division and very young age, prompting his parents to be proud but inviting those who are concerned about his health and development to express criticisms.

Jason, at a very young age of 12, began training developing spontaneously his physique and power, thus rendering himself at 14, the strength to carry more than twice of his mass. At 119 pounds, the kid ably manages to deadlift a staggering 300 pounds.

His dreams of setting more world record in the “under 123 pounds” weight class category is not far to impossible. In the stature of 5 ft. 3 in, experts fear that his body’s development might be unnatural. At the verge of growth spurts in teenagers, he is but lack of height in his age range rather possessing a physique of that of a fully grown man.


Believing that teens like Jason should grow naturally, Paul Stricker of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that his growth spurts should not be mired by vigorous activities specifically weightlifting. The organization, however, supports on teens being active on sports and trainings but strictly condemns going beyond the extent of what Jason can do.

Jason’s dad, Chris Schellenschlage, 42, is also a powerlifter and the kid’s motivation to pursue his dream of becoming the world’s strongest kid. Her mother, however, hesitated at first on his child’s choice of sport, but later on relents and together with her husband took pride in Jason’s achievements in competing and setting world records.

His trainer Mike Sarni, helps in maintaining Jason’s health track and limits. Sarni also gets sure that the boy attends his regular check-ups. Addingly, he is also remarked that the boy never complained of pain or hurt after trainings.

In this way of training, his dad Chris remarkably claims that his son is really having fun and is passionate in weightlifting. Further, his dad also said that it keeps him away from being a couch potato.

Sarni, on the other hand, at an interview, revealed that Jason must be of strong spirit, driving himself with both physical and mental strength to train and feel unbowed. This kind of strength in spirit, says Sarni, can only be rarely found in mature and older people.

On the other hand, the USA Powerlifting says that an 8 year old can start lifting weights for fun in youth oriented programs; however, its limits are not implied. Likewise, Jason Schellenschlage is not the only young enthusiast competing in powerlifting, as many others in his age enjoy these activities of strength.

Source: Washington Post