It has become common to find birit kings and queens in videoke stands in malls, and many of them have reached nationwide fame already. But will this new discovery follow the same path?

In a video uploaded on Facebook by user “Ignicris Lumidao,” a young lady was filmed singing “Forever’s Not Enough” by Sarah Geronimo-while seated inside a tricycle karaoke.


The girl, named only as “Kulin,” belted out the pop diva’s signature hit casually and effortlessly, amazing viewers across the internet. And her birit is just flawless to think that even professional singers find it hard to sing while seated!

The video has since been spread to different social media networks, and continues to garner positive feedback from netizens.

According to Lumidao in the caption he added in his video, it’s already the third time that Kulin rode on his tricycle, and that her voice is starting to make him fall for her.

Will we be seeing more of Kulin and her tricycle karaoke birits? Or will we soon find her in talent shows on national TV? But then again, the internet fame is already a big start!

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