The long wait is over.

“Mandirigma,” a film about the Philippine’s armed forces and how they respond to terrorism, is now being shown at selected SM Cinemas, after being stalled for distribution. Directed by journalist-turned-filmmaker Arlyndela Cruz, the movie is a definite must-watch, as it showcases the realities of Filipino soldiers when on the ground for battle.

With a story written before the infamous Mamasapano incident, “Mandirigma” tells the tale of Marine soldiers who, like the members of the SAF 44, risked their lives to protect the country against terrorists. The film stars Luis Alandy, AlwynUytingco, Ping Medina, Victor Basa, Ken Anderson, Carlo Cruz, Marc Solis, Jeffrey Marquez, and JericoEstregan. Mon Confiado meanwhile portrays the villain Marawan, whose character was inspired by real-life terrorist Marwan.

In an earlier interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, director Dela Cruz said that the film is closer to real life, as she had covered stories about the Marines since the 1990s. “I’ve reported many times about their victories and defeats, the situation at the front lines. Most of us get to read only about the number of soldiers who perish in an encounter, but we don’t really know how they day.

A group of Marines have served as technical advisers for the film, most of which are members of the Reconnaissance Force.

Since its announcement to be shown on SM Cinemas, netizens have been expressing their delight over the film, saying that there should be more movies like this to be made for public viewing.

Watch the full trailer of “Mandirigma” below:


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