In a video uploaded on YouTube last Thursday, June 18, 2015, a mother rabbit fights a snake that wrapped its body around three bunnies.

Usually, rabbits are afraid of snakes because in the animal kingdom, they’re the food during the breakfast of the snake. But disregard this reason because there is also a fierce mother rabbit who helps her baby rabbits out from danger by a dark snake.

In the video you’ll see how fearless the mother rabbit is, she jumped high and attacked the snake with no hesitations at all. The mother rabbit gripped the tail of the snake so it let the bunnies go.

After a few minutes, the mother rabbit continuously attacked the snake, she never stopped, she made sure that she could have a big revenge on the snake, and even though the snake was crawling on the grass away from her, she kept on hopping and attacking it until they were out of the grass field.

The people taking the video was very supportive to the mother rabbit, especially the kids, and they kept on shouting and cheering for the mother rabbit.

Despite the freedom of one of the three bunnies, there were two bunnies that appeared to be unmoving, and it is suspected that they were both killed by the snake.

Walter Marc C. Cantero
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Source: YouTube,peoplepets


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