We all make errors every once in a while; sometimes it gets funny, but there are also instances that it can be embarrassing to the bone. So how about this woman’s not-so-funny but totally innocent mistake?

Well, in a story going trending all over social media, this female employee mistakenly sent her boss a selfie. But there’s a catch: it could’ve been just another cutesy selfie, but she sent him a photo of hers showing off her breasts!



To add to the embarrassment, she captioned it with: “what ur missing this weekend”!

According to reports, the photo was intended to be sent to her boyfriend, but due to sheer bad luck, the very inappropriate photo was delivered to her boss instead.


The boss was obviously shocked but he remained his composure and wrote a note to his employee saying:

“Hi, you probably did not mean to send this to me, but please be more careful. I am your BOSS.” The word BOSS was underlined to further emphasize the point; good thing that her boss only gave her a note aside from giving her a memo and lose her job.

This embarrassing story went viral on the internet for a matter of days. The situation now serves as a good reminder for people to be very careful using technology to avoid such awkward moments and big time embarrassment.

Source: Xolxol

Maureen Paciencia 

LNU Intern

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