You have seen videos of foreigners speaking tagalog, bisaya, and even salitang kalye. If you thought you’ve seen it all, think again!

The Walking Poging Foreigner Wil Dasovich pushes his love for the Filipino language further. Apparently, foreigner model and his father went out to the streets of Metro Manila and tried to converse with the people around and also between themselves, using gay linggo.

The people’s reactions were just amazing and hilarious. They were bewildered and amazed of what they just heard from the mouths of the two foreigners.

This video of a father and son tandem, speaking “salitang beki” or what many call as “gay linggo” is kind of sweeping the Internet since Sunday (Aug 9).

Watch the reactions of local residents as they are approached by two foreigners speaking tagalog and beki as well. It doesn’t get much weirder than that. Nakakalurks!

Watchumacallit mo na lang ang mga homs na nagbebeki at sey mo kung keri or waley sila!

Source: WheninManila




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