We’re all wary of swindlers, but when you come face to face with one who’s just so epic in playing the “budol-budol” game, you might not be able to get out of it alive.

So yes, you might want to learn at how this netizen handled the situation!

In a viral video on Facebook via the Kupal Lord fan page, a lady, whose name was not identified, is ranting at the person filming her, to the point that she’s asking for the phone being used or else she should be paid P100 per day.

Budol2x Gang PhilippinesAccording to the poster, ShamieCaguitla, the woman approached her and asked her politely to take a photo of her, saying that the latter’s family in Cotabato wanted to see her online in the photos. After taking pictures, the woman asked to see the photos and began to be chummy with Caguitla. Over the course of their conversation, the woman then shifted her tone and started saying that she has a problem with Caguitla, and began accusing her of stealing the phone used to take her photos.

Caguitla said that the woman humiliated her by raising her voice and saying nasty things at her, so that she would look like the victim in the situation. However, Caguitla was undaunted and had the whole scene on video, and until the end she stood firm by not giving away her phone.

Can you be as strong as Caguitla when faced with this kind of hardcore swindler?

Source: Shamie Caguitla – Facebook

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