We’re all disgusted with the way humanity is dealing with life’s atrocities. Values on a downhill slump, adults acting like kids, and most kids not knowing how to grow up. But there are still rare times when, it’s the kid that shows a better state of mind than his elders.

In this video that’s making rounds on social media, it is seen that two women are having a catfight over an issue that they were not able to resolve. The clip was able to capture the brawl between the two, and how enraged they were at each other. Not only that-spectators, mostly adults, were having the time of their lives watching the fight, and did not make an effort to stop it.

HOWEVER, there’s one person who stood up and exerted all his efforts to stop the battle. A boy, presumably 10-12 years old, knew better and went in the way of the two women to stop them from hurting each other. There were times when other onlookers tried to pull him out of their way, but he attempted multiple times to put an end to the fight.

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The boy seemed not to know exactly how the fight ensued, but in his face it showed that he knew one thing: that seeing them fighting is just not right, and it had to stop. And that’s something not all adults would dare do.

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