Despite the absence of reliable public infrastructure—particularly roads and bridges—in many rural areas of the Philippines, life proceeds as normal, as seen in a video uploaded on Facebook showing jeepneys performing a daring river crossing.

Although it’s not clear where exactly the video was recorded (comments claim it’s in Aringay, La Union, others in San Emiliio, Ilocos Sur and Quirino Province), it shows several modified Sarao Motors jeepneys successfully crossing waist- to chest-high waters of a river somewhere in the Philippines. It’s safe to say, however, that the person recording the video was speaking Ilocano.

Several comments on Facebook praised the ingenuity and persistence of the Filipino spirit; others noted the hard but fun life in the provinces; while others lamented the lack of safe infrastructure outside the cities, calling it another case of “Only in the Philippines.”

We hope the local government units near this river pay attention to the need for roads and bridges, the better to prevent what looks to be an accident just waiting to happen.


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