A pinay transgender named Mariz sent a complaint to a program in TV5 about what happened to her after she had a breast implant in Derma-Best Clinic Pasig Branch under the operation of Dr. Peewe Triviño.

Months after the said operation, Mariz have been experiencing itchiness on her left breast but she only ignored it assuming that it is only normal or a side effect of the operation. But she was shocked when she noticed that there was already a hole in her left breast and a secretion of pus. She immediately went to the Doctor and the Doctor said that it was only because of lactation. However, she consulted to a different Doctor and the Doctor said that it was an infection not because of lactation. She immediately underwent to an operation to remove her left breast, but months after she had removed her right breast because it had also an infection.

It was discovered that Dr. Peewe Triviño, the doctor who have done the operation has a conflict with the DOH because their clinic is only required to have an operating room on plastic surgery but his specialty is on cosmetic surgery which is still under process. However, he said that he is willing to take responsibility of this complaint.

Mariz also found out that she is not the only one that had undergone on this unsuccessful operation. According to her, they were seven of them and they have been coordinating with each other.

Reported by: Luciell Lazada, Bill Germinal, Janpaul Lacson


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