As the popular saying goes, “great power comes with great responsibility.”

The power of social media cannot be denied these days, but unfortunately, a lot of young people do not know how to handle its pros and cons. Just see what’s going on in this viral video making rounds on Facebook:

The video clip shows students demonstrating sexual positions with each other. The students on the clip seemed to be aware that they are being shot on video, and were even smiling and laughing as they did the lewd acts.

According to sources, the video was taken during a PE class in a school in Thailand, although no further information about the clip as of this writing. The video already drew widespread criticism from netizens, including those that question the grounds of morality of the school.

However, there are also comments that sympathize with the students; some commenters say that the students are actually in a sex education class, and were not deliberately performing acts that demonstrate sexual intercourse.

Source: Crackerdaily



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