Latest talk in the world of internet is a video of an online couple who brawled with each other after meeting personally for the first time.

Their first supposed to be sweet confrontation turned into violence when both of them got disappointed seeing that they look so much different from their pictures in their online accounts.

The video showed the man and woman pushing, shouting and pointing fingers at each other somewhere public in China.

Also, the man showed his phone to some bystanders to seek for their attention and agreement that the woman is not the one in the photo.

The video was taken by a bystander in the place where the scene happened. Some bystanders said maybe the two are posers because their profiles are really pretty and handsome however in reality they are not.

Both were not aware that people around them were taking videos until they part ways and got aggressive to the bystanders.

Nowadays, many net people are fond of online dating, some lead into a successful relationship others end in a tragedy.

Source: Youtube






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