Siro-A, a multi-award winning performance group from Japan that fuses mime, ground-breaking laser visual effects and an electro soundtrack created a mind-blowing futuristic experience to all America’s Got Talent viewers.

Japannese Techno

Two days ago, their America’s Got Talent performance went viral as this dance group from Japan created some pretty astonishing and stunning optical illusions to mash up with their dance moves, and the result was quite mind-blowing.

One of America’s Got Talent judges Piers Morgan immediately hit the Golden Buzzer, sending Siro-A straight to Radio City Music Hall.

The group members choose to paint their faces white so they can act like a screen.

Today, Siro-A is all the rage in Japan and America, and the laser technology, which they learned to use and programmed themselves, is often talked about by the netizens.

In addition to winning the prestigious “Spirit of the Fringe” award at the 2011 Edinburgh Festival, the group has performed in Denmark, Austria, Germany, France, Singapore and India.

Source: 9gag


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