A Filipino Girl slapped two times and hit by her two Boyfriends who caught her cheating on them.

Kundan Srivastava, From New Delhi, India, Public Figure, shared a video that reached 1,599,808 views due to its controversial content of a Filipina cheating with her two boyfriends and was caught in the act.

At the start of the video the Filipina was crying and trying to leave his two Boyfriends but one of his partners pulled her back to where they were seated.  As the Filipina was trying to say sorry, the other guy eventually hit the Filipina on the head.

The Guy that pulled her back earlier said, “You know, I will never use my hand. Just tell me and answer me and I will never use my hand. Tell me, why you want to play?!” As the Filipina remained in silence, he grabbed her hair and said repeatedly “I don’t want to give you pain.” And the Filipina replied “Please Stop.” Eventually, this guy forcefully hit the head of the Filipina and he asked again “Why do you show your body? The Filipina replied “NO! It’s a long time, that I don’t have boyfriend already.” and hit again her head.

The Filipina was crying in pain and repeatedly said “I’m so sorry please!” but in the end she was punched 3 times at the back by the other guy.

What can you say about this video? Who do you think was wrong?

Source: https://www.facebook.com/founderkundansrivastava/videos


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