Back in January, a few videos emerged of an award-winning athlete Cristiano Ronaldo in disguise playing football with random people in the streets of Madrid.

Few days ago, he uploaded another video on Youtube which gained million views from the netizens.

The Portuguese athlete, put on his disguise – a fat suit, wig and fake beard – and walked a dog to the Plaza de Callao in Madrid and then showed off his football skills. The passersby had no idea who he was.

He continued playing with the ball in the streets of Madrid, and people are less interested to notice him, that he was even rejected trying to ask a woman for her number.

After about an hour, people started to realize he was no ordinary dude playing with a football, and a little boy came over to play ball with Ronaldo. After a quick game, he picked up the ball and asked the kid for his name. Ronaldo then pulled out a marker and autographed the ball for the child, began to take off his beard and wig and revealed who he really was.

The child was shocked. Other passersby began to take out their phones and swarm the soccer star as he walked away from the scene.

Source: Youtube

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