On July 22, 5:45 in the afternoon at Bautista St. Cor.Zobel , a child was hit by a Black Fortuner with a plate number of YL1004.

The incident was caught on a video, and was uploaded by Elmer Ticsay who is said to be the relative of the victim.

It gathered numerous of viewers and shares on Facebook, different opinions were specified as whom to blame in the said incident.

As shown in the video, the road was crowded, transportations were close-fitted. And the child was riding at the back of the Pedicab . When suddenly he falls off the ground and was hit by the Black Fortuner who was behind the Pedicab.

Pedicab driver immediately helped the child, unfortunately the driver of the Black Fortuner didn’t even dare to get down from his car to assess whether the child was fine.

It is said that both the Pedicab driver and the driver of Black Fortuner has the responsibility for the incident.

However, drivers should also be careful along the road and take their passengers safely.

Source:  Facebook

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