A video posted on Thursday shows a woman deliver her own baby in the passenger seat of their car along the motorway.

LesiaPettijohn, 22, of Lake Jackson, Texas gave birth to a 10 lbs baby boy inside their on their way to Houston birth center.

She told her husband to record her giving birth once she realized the baby would arrive before they could make it to the birthing clinic.

“I was probably freaking out way more than I should have but I really don’t want to have him in the car,”Pettijohn said in a statement.

However, the mother showed an amazing bravery in the video. She was calm and a collected woman keeping it together in a crazy situation.

After screaming at first she suddenly felt that the water broke. She screamed over again and again then realized that the baby’s head is coming out, so she let her husband removed the seat belt and she took her pants off to let the baby out.

“It’s a boy. He came out right in the car! Oh my God. You’re beautiful! Oh my goodness!”Lesia said in the video.

Lesia explained that she delivered that baby herself because her husband  ,John,24, kept driving down the highway towards the Bay Area Birth Center, Pasadena California at her insistence. She said they needed help at some point and neither had a cellphone.

Also, John showed in the video that he is keeping itcool, instructing his wife what to do though he was also worried. After his wife gave birth to their son he gave her a high-five as a he say they did it.

“He’s gonna be famous before he even knows his own name,” John said in a statement.

This is the couple’s third child, Josiah following two daughters, aged two and one.

Source: PhilTrends

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