Have you ever heard about Titanic and how it was sank by an ice berg? What a disturbing and alarming show of nature’s force, right? You may see just a small tip from afar but it is several time larger than you think.

There is this guy who was at the balcony, taking a video of their family moment near the beach. After a few minutes they soon noticed that something unbelievable was happening to the ice berg right in front of them. Icebergs are usually confined by winds and currents to move close to the coast.

He was able to capture the exact moment that the ice berg collapsed, that resulted to a mini-tsunami in the beach.

The video was taken at King’s Point NL, Canada and ice bergs are really one of their few main tourist attraction.

It may be amazing to watch but it can be an evident proof of global warming and was a terrible event in reality. This reminds us on how powerful the nature can be at the most unexpected times.

Source: Buzzflare

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