Filipinos are a product of mixed culture and this reflects in their physical features and attitudes this is because the Philippines has been colonized and ruled by foreign countries such as Spain, The United States of America, and Japan. Foreigners are often attracted to Filipino’s unique beauty and “kayumanggi” skin, especially Filipinas.

Filipinas have a strong work ethic, they’re hard working people to the point that they are willing to work whole day just to feed their families but even so, they work with dignity and values.

An example of this is, Antonette Ojano who rejected an offer of a foreigner and is very proud of her job.

Source: Antonnete’s facebook account
A screenshot of Antonnete’s post


“May client kaming foreigner at HINDI NAMAN SA PAGMAMAYABANG sinabihan nya ko na ang pretty ko daw, then he asked me “Why did you only work on this kind of job a nail spa?” Para bang nanghihinayang sya sa trabahong meron ako, Bakit nga ba? Parang ang baba ng tingin nya sa kagaya ng trabahong meron ako, Then he asked me If I want him to join a dinner on a Japanese restaurant, sa isip ko ULO MO! Kala nya sguro madadala ako sa ganon ganon nya. Akala nya may extra service kagaya ng ilang spa yung salon namin. Nakakainis lang sa part na parang minamaliit nya yung work na meron ako. Hindi ko kinakahiya yung kung anong trabahong meron ako ngayon! Bakit? Kasi HINDI DUMADAMI CANCER SA LIPUNAN KUNG DADAGDAG AKO yung mga babaeng umaasa sa sugar daddy nila mabili lang luho na meron sila iPhone, Magandang kuko at Kamay, Bababa sa Sports car na hatid sundo at kung among walker starter pack pa yun!
Always remember money only impress lazy girls. When a woman works hard a man with a money is a bonus not a ladder to upgrade.
Bat ko ikakahiya trabahong meron ako? As long as masaya ako syempre dto ako! Hindi sa pagiging hipokrita luho lang yan, iba pa din pag galing sa pinaghirapan. ”

(We had a foreigner client and not just to brag but he told me I was pretty and then he suddenly he asked me, “Why did you only work on this kind of job? A nail spa?” It felt like he was bothered. But why? He was looking down on my job. Then he asked me If I want to join a dinner with him on a Japanese restaurant, he thought that I would say “YES” easily. He thought that our salon have extra service. I was just annoyed because he was looking down on my job. I will not be dependent with what we call “sugar daddies” just to give all the things that I want like Iphone, Pretty nails and ride a sports car. Always remember money only impress lazy girls. When a woman works hard and have a man with lots of money it’s already a bonus not a ladder to upgrade. Why would I be ashamed with my job? As long as I am happy, I will stay. Not just to be hypocrite, it feels good if you know you worked hard for it.)

There are many Filipinas like her, who are proud of their job, no matter how small it is, as long as they are not stepping on someone’s feet and as long as they earn their money cleanly they will happily do their job. Filipinas are beyond their physical features indeed.



Reported By: Francia Kaye Uyvico & Chloe Anne Bual

// F.K.U

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