Nowadays, with the help of makeup, you can easily achieve a stunning look. With makeup, you can easily turn heads as you pass by. There’s no need for you to spend a lot of money and undergo several cosmetic surgeriesjust to improve your facial features.

Makeup is all you need and contour is your best friend!

One example of a shocking transformation is this person. Just watch the entire video as you will surely be astonished.

Anyways, we’re not saying that this person is not beautiful or what! It’s just that you can see a big difference before and after makeup was applied. She is just like Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, transforming from one face to another. But, this transformation is done just by using makeup and not with black magic. Amazing isn’t it?

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The video was uploaded by Facebook user, Emmy Tran last February 2016. And, as of this writing, the video has gone VIRALhaving 5.1 million views in just 4 months. The video probably has more views that the music video of your pop idols.

Who is the person in the video?

The person in the video is known as Nikita Dragun (pronounced as ni-KEE-tah DRAG-en). Nikita is a transgender and has been very fond of making makeup tutorial videos. In fact, Nikita’s Youtube channel already has 123,312 subscribers since February 2013. Her makeup tutorial videos have garnered views as low as 10,000 views to as high as 400,000 views.

One of the factors that make Nikita’s makeup tutorial videos more interesting is that she uses orange as her contour color. This color is rarely used for contouring but it seemed to work for Nikita. Nikita is also fond of experimenting with different looks which makes all her videos receive plenty of positive comments from the viewers.

By the way, do you like Nikita’s makeup transformation?

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…Maybe by watching and learning from her makeup tutorial videos, you will also become as beautiful as her.

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